Our People

Meet Will Gray the founder of HIDDEN DOOR

Will Gray | Founder  icon

From tarantula farming in Belize, nursing Orang Utans in Borneo to stepping into a cage for an MMA fight, our founder has a lifelong passion for creating great experiences.  Will has worked in the experiential event industry for over 20 years and knows the magic engage teams and ignite brands. He often reminds us that 90’s hip hop is the ‘golden era’ of music and spills coffee on his desk at least twice a week.

On the bucket-list: Make a short film.

Meet Jasmin Gray the HIDDEN DOOR head of sales, part-time motivational speech-giver and resident foodie

Jasmine Gray | Sales Manager  icon

Jasmine is our head of sales, part-time motivational speech-giver and resident foodie.  Her talent is digging deep into a client brief and then pitching to the vents team with “Ok imagine if…”. When she’s not creating (and crushing) custom experiences Jasmine is knocking up amaaaaazing food that thankfully makes its way into the office for the rest of us.

On the bucket-list: Sailing the Greek Islands.

Meet Lauren Lister the experience manager of HIDDEN DOOR

Lauren Lister | Experience Manager  icon

Lauren has a wealth of experience managing everything from large scale events, weddings and everything in between.  As the backbone of Hidden Door event team, Lauren’s exceptional attention to detail ensures that no stone is left unturned.  When she’s not churning out killer events, you’ll find Lauren adding fitness content to her alternate role as an Insta-celeb.

On the bucket-list: Learning to fly a plane.

Meet Matthew Harter the experience manager of HIDDEN DOOR

Matthew Harter | Experience Manager  icon

Matthew’s experience with events has taken him all around the world on board cruise ships. With an arsenal of experience from small scale sporting events to large scale theatre productions Matthew has tried them all. If Matthew isn’t planning your custom experience you’ll see him performing in one of your local theatre communities or hogging a mic at Karaoke!

On the bucket-list: Trek to Machu Picchu.

Meet Haley Mees the experience manager of HIDDEN DOOR

Haley Mees | Experience Manager  icon

Haley has a host of experience developing and delivering Hidden Door events across Australia, New Zealand and Asia with an amazing talent of sourcing incredible venues. Currently on maternity leave, Haley keeps on the pulse of Hidden Door whilst juggling two kids, the reno of a new house, and trips to the beach.

On the bucket-list: Reno a beach house.