Meet Josephine

It’s about time we introduced our numero uno staff member in Melbourne, the multi-talented Josephine. Be prepared to feel like you need to take up a new hobby. Just sayin’…

You’re a trained face-painter – what’s your favourite animal to paint?

*cough* I’m actually an award winning face painter (wink). Peoples face shapes are so different so it’s always a matter of making a design that looks great on their face. Because I’m painting kids most of the time I like to paint cute designs, a bright butterfly looks stunning on a kid with some good canvas space on their forehead. A lion looks super cute on a kid with chubby cheeks, but I think my penguin is probably the cutest and looks good on everyone. I paint the body on the nose, so it sits in the middle of the face and is framed by the eyes.

Is it true you’re a cheerleader too? Please explain!

I got into cheerleading because I had always wanted to do a back somersault. I happened to be working one day at an RMIT Uni event and someone approached me and asked me if I would like to try out for the RMIT cheerleading team. You didn’t need to be a student.

Being a mere 5.1ft and beanpole skinny I made a good flyer (the acrobat on top) and all it took was one competition and I was utterly addicted. I have learned so many acrobatic skills that I never dreamed I could do, and I have even competed at the World championships, in the highest elite level with my team SCC Legacy, which is the sports ultimate competition.  Cheerleading is an amazing sport which is not only personally rewarding every time you gain a skill but requires an extreme amount of team work (and contact hours) that makes your team feel like a second family.

I have worked through an immense amount of fear to get where I am, and I doubt I could have done that without the support and encouragement of my team makes. Beating my fear has taught me a lot about myself and is a very enriching experience.  There is also nothing like the feeling of performing a routine in front of a screaming crowd at a competition, it’s the closest to being a rockstar I’ll ever get.
If someone could play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

I would play me! And I plan on it…
One of your passions is acting – what have been some of the highlights?

Last year I filmed a 20 min short film with Pia Miranda, based in the future where the world has developed telepathic abilities. It was a great experience with a very committed cast and crew, it’s currently doing the festival circuit.

I also played a role in the feature film about the famous bushranger Ben Hall which recently screened at Cannes and will be opening in Australian cinemas shortly. I’ve travelled Australia with a theatre show, graced the screens as a Star Trek nerd who fell in love with Lance in Neighbours, and got caught having sex in a car while my ‘partner’ was driving on police drama Rush.

I had a brief brush with fame when Robbie Williams sat in the audience as I played Cinderella in a British pantomime, (which was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had on stage).

Tell us something you’re working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on my most ambitious project yet. I’m producing a feature film based on my cousin’s real life spy story set in South Africa during the 1980’s apartheid era. I think I’ve bitten off more that I can chew but if I’ve learnt anything about myself it’s that I like a death defying challenge.  I love real life stories and I think hers is a particularly amazing one.  I have a lot of work ahead of me as I still need to finance the film and get the script written but I am very excited to be working on such an awesome project.

What’s been your greatest Hidden Door memory?

My greatest HD memory is a job that we did working with The Biggest Issue, where we had teams helping vendors sell the magazine. It gave people such a great understanding of how hard it is to sell it, the tough situations that the vendors are in, and how they came to be there.

The greatest part was the pure joy the vendor we were working with experienced. We sold 3 times more magazines than he would normally sell and he was delighted that he might be able to take the rest of the week off.  We made such a small contribution however it seemed like it was the best thing that happened to him all year.  So many warm fuzzies.

Why do you love with Hidden Door so much?

I love working with Hidden door because I get to do a variety of odd jobs, whether I’m hiding in the city as where’s wally, helping people paint cubby houses for kids in need or watching people make a fool of themselves playing bubble soccer.

The team are so great at coming up with unique fun ideas that there never seems to be a dull moment and everyone walks away with a smile on their face.  I particularly enjoy the jobs where we are giving back to the community.  It’s a great team building exercise and benefits those in need, what more can you ask for?