Meet Laura

You’re a true redhead – what sort of superpowers does this give you?

Being a red head offers me many advantages. First of all, I am able to burn easily in the sun which is great advantage when wanting to dress up as an Oompa Loompa to costume parties. My red headedness also offered me a lot of alone time at school because no one wanted to play with me. Oh and also I can read minds.

Is it true you were once a kid’s TV show host? Please explain!

I play ‘Sparkles the Fairy’ in a children’s television show called ‘William and Sparkles’ Magical Tales’ and I also host another kid’s television show called ‘Imagination Train’ so I have a lot of experience in acting like a big kid. 

If someone could play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

I would like to think that Tina Fey would play me because I would prefer to be portrayed as funnier, smarter and cooler than I actually am.

One of your passions is film and drama – what have been some of the highlights?

I would say touring Australia as ‘Jan’ in ‘Grease’ the musical was a highlight because I got to live in serviced apartments where someone made my bed every week. 

Tell us something very few people would know about you?

I legitimately ‘sleep eat’. I’ll wake up in bed with my hand inside an empty packet of potato chips and not remember eating it.

What’s your favourite Hidden Door experience?

My favourite experience was creating a TV commercial with employees from Benefit Cosmetics where we basically created a piece of art worthy of an Oscar nomination, and that’s me being modest. 

Why do enjoy working at Hidden Door?

I love that every week is something completely different and I’ve met so many great people and have had the best time doing wild and wacky things that I would have never experienced if it weren’t for Hidden Door.