Meet Matthew

Meet Matthew the young and passionate experience manager of HIDDEN DOOR

What’s your hidden passion?

I don’t know that I’ve ever kept any passion hidden! I’m super passionate about performing but I’m also really passionate about helping kids find performing. I was lucky that this year I had the opportunity to combine those two passions during a show I was in. It’s so great to be a part of kids journey into trying something new in an area that they love and seeing them try new things!

We’ve seen in full flight on the Karaoke stage.  What are your go-to songs and why?

Feelin’ Good by Micahel Buble is one of my absolute favourites but the short answer is anything Sinatra. If Old blue eyes has ever given it a crack you can bet I’ve followed right behind him. New York, New York is definitely a go to but I’m not one to snub away a bit of Piano Man by Billy Joel either.

You have $100 to show someone the best of Sydney.  What’s on your itinerary?

What could be more Sydney than a ferry ride to Manly?! That’s the first stop, followed by pizza at Hugo’s. Make your way to Coogee for a beer or two at the Pavilion Rooftop then a wander down the coastal walk. If there’s anything left, a glass of wine at night at Cruise Bar is a great way to introduce someone to just how beautiful the Quay is!

How would your mum describe you in 3 words?

Loud, caring, dork.

What makes an unforgettable experience?

The people you are with. If you and your crew allow yourselves to really immerse yourself into your experience there’s no end to how much you can take away with you!