Create Your Own Ad

An exciting team event where teams have complete creative control in the production of their own TV ad.

The event can be created to have small groups each creating their own commercial or teams can create different scenes to create one commercial collectively.

Starting with a briefing, teams start to plan their TVC with the help of our creative team to get the ideas flowing before storyboarding each scene.

Whilst keeping the content entertaining, groups must share ideas to ensure they include key messaging set out in the briefing.

It’s then into the props department for costumes before grabbing the camera gear and hitting the streets.

The end result is a collection of hilarious footage created by your company that can be played back that evening and/or in the days following.

Suitable indoors or outdoors, Create Your Own Ad is an engaging activity that can be customised to meet your objectives.

I cannot recommend Hidden Door enough. Everyone I dealt with from the planning phase to the end of our conference was amazing and incredibly helpful, but best of all – the creative activities made our conference a huge success!
– NSW Department of Education & Communities

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & Melbourne
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-500
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


A clapperboard for the use of teams making their own ads
The production and the team in action

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