A simple note marked ‘Play Me’ links to a video ransom message from the kidnappers.

Your team experience has just begun.

Hostage is a live escape experience where teams race the clock to complete one common objective: locate the hostage.


We’ve taken a hostage from your company and it’s now up to your team to follow the clues to locate them within the allocated time.

The ‘hostage’ is typically someone in your business that is OK with being handcuffed in a basement. Well, not really but we do like to use someone from your company to make it legit.

We even edit some custom ransom videos featuring your hostage to ramp up the fun.

For 2 hours, teams embark on a search for mystery briefcases that contain seemingly random items. Link the items, crack the clues and find every briefcase.


Unlike many team experiences the group doesn’t split up.  It’s up to each group to determine how and when they separate to work on different tasks and work as a high performing team.

In this team adventure, you are working as one team towards one common goal.

While Hostage is a team building activity designed to for teams to have fun, there are some key learning outcomes designed into the experience.

Clear communication, time management, agile decision making and effective delegation are essential tools for success in Hostage.


This team building experience takes place indoors and outdoors and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Hostage can be set up almost anywhere.

Solve complex clues, locate and utilise mystery items, communicate with success and manage your time effectively.

Hostage is designed as a small group experience for up to 30 people however it can be modified for larger group sizes between 100 and 900 people.

Find the briefcases.  Complete the demands. Free the hostage.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & Surrounds
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 6-30
Venue: Indoors