Music Quiz

Put your music knowledge to the test in a fun interactive music quiz that will have you LOL’ing the night away.

Small teams will work together in 10 rounds of trivia where they’ll earn points based on how well they complete the round.

Rack your brain to solve rounds including One Hit Wonders, Movie Matchup and Mystery Album Covers that span multiple generations and music genres.

Teams will also get out of their seats to complete interactive rounds including Recycled Orchestra, Lip Sync Battle and The Whisper Challenge.

We’ll give teams a short break at halftime to refill their drinks while we tally up the scores so teams know how they’re tracking.

The music content is a mix of genres from various decades to ensure Music Quiz is suitable for people of all ages and music tastes.

The experience is hosted by a Hidden Door MC who is a seasoned performer and will help bring energy and fun to the room.  The MC will bring everything along to your office, restaurant or conference venue so you can sit back and be part of the action.

Music Quiz can be delivered before or after lunch/dinner or we can tailor it to be delivered in between courses during dinner.  We can tailor the format to suit almost any room set-up however a private room/space is recommended.

To keep the party going after Music Quiz, why not add on Karaoke Party to your experience?

AV Requirements:
Microphone and TV or screen with speakers/audio.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & Melbourne
Duration: 2 hours
Group Size: 10-500
Venue: Indoors