The Big Buzz

Get ready for an hour of power trivia with 5 rounds where players need to buzz in their answer to earn as many points as possible.

The rounds are interactive and include video and music to keep it exciting.

Play along to games including Movie Buff, Loco 4 Logo’s, Who Am I, Songbird and everyone’s favourite…Family Feud.


The Big Buzz is available worldwide, with content tailored to your location.

Companies such as Amazon, Fitbit, Google, Oracle and Bayer have recently completed our virtual team experiences.


At the scheduled event time, all team members will jump onto a video call with our Hidden Door experience host who will brief the group on how to play, and how to score points.

We’ll then launch into The Biz Buzz where players watch their screen but use their smartphone or tablet as a buzzer.

Can’t get everyone on the same video call?  No worries.

We’ve also created a version that allows players to complete in their own time.

This enables people in different time zones, or that work differing shifts, to play against each other without being live.


The games are short and punchy and are interactive, so don’t sweat if your general knowledge isn’t up to scratch.

If your team have a particular subject you’re absolutely nuts about, let us know and we’ll try to customise the format to include it.


Best of all, if you want to add in your own company content we can modify a round that is tailored to you.

The Big Buzz is loads of trivia-based fun – all without leaving your home.

Quick Facts

Locations: Worldwide
Duration: 1 hour
Group Size: 3-2000
Venue: Virtual

“Had an amazing Big Buzz experience with Hidden Door.  So much so that 2 weeks on and our team are still talking about it!”

– Arden Homes –

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