The Big Picture

This unique art concept turns small canvasses into one large artwork to reinforce the concept of working collaboratively together towards one common outcome.

Prior to the day we work with you to plan an overall artwork theme that our artist will sketch onto the mini canvasses to link them together.

This becomes The Big Picture.

Working in small teams on the day, the group is asked to use a canvas to communicate a common theme.  This may be anything from visualising your company values to defining your team culture.

Teams then get creative in bringing their ideas to life.

Previous art skills aren’t required.  Our creative team will help guide people from idea through to putting paint on canvas.

With some simple art instruction, teams are encouraged to use the paint pens to fill the canvas.

The simple act of colouring the canvas is an introduction to mindfulness.


Mindfulness techniques are now widely known; many people recognise that they’re a useful tool to improve concentration and decrease stress.

It means noticing some of the things that your brain screens out. It’s about being aware of how you’re feeling in the moment; what you can see, taste, touch and hear.

You learn to tune your brain back in to things that are actually helpful to notice.

This is also a great time for individuals to communicate without completing a task that has a right or wrong answer.


When individuals or teams complete their canvasses we ask them to say a few words to share their creation.

Hearing other perspectives on interpreting company values or team culture is a very valuable part of the experience.

The group then build The Big Picture using their mini canvasses until it forms a large artwork that all joins together.

The Big Picture is a great team activity or conference breakout for medium to large group sizes that suits people of all ages and fitness levels.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & surrounds
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 10-200
Venue: Indoors or Outdoors
big picture hidden door 2021 web group sydney

The experience of dealing with Hidden Door’s team has been incredible. They have been efficient in their responses and made the process very easy, resulting in all of us enjoying the unique experience even more. The experience of creating our own art work was very unique and made our staff members bring their creative ideas into form and bring us all together as a team.

– Synnex Australia –

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