Tune-In Trivia

We’ll put your TV and movie knowledge to the test with 8 entertainment rounds to sink your teeth into.

Rounds include ‘TV Themes’ where you must identify TV theme songs spanning the last 20 years, ‘One Liners’ where famous movie quotes are played and teams must correctly guess the movie title, and many more.

The control is in the hands of guests, with the team points leader choosing the genre of the next round.  What is your strength?

We also play an interactive game where guests can win a small novelty prize to take home.

Teams can work in small teams either seated or standing, making Tune-In Trivia the perfect Xmas party experience.

The experience is hosted by a Hidden Door MC who is a seasoned performer and will help bring energy and fun to the room.  The MC will bring everything along to your office, restaurant or conference venue so you can sit back and be part of the action.

We can tailor the format to suit almost any room set-up however a private room/space is recommended.

AV Requirements:
Microphone and TV or screen with speakers/audio.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & Melbourne
Duration : 2 hours
Group Size : 10-500
Venue : Indoors


Wandin Valley | Hidden Door

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