Win It in a Minute

If you’re not familiar with the TV show of the same name, the objective is for teams to earn points by completing a challenge in under 60 seconds.

Each challenge uses common household items in an uncommon way. You’ll want to have your phones ready because this activity is very Insta-friendly!


From successfully stacking five apples on top of each other, or running on the spot like crazy to clock up 500 steps on a pedometer, to the infamous ‘Elephant March’, the list is endless.

But every team is different and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.

With over 50 games in our arsenal, we’ll tailor the perfect experience to suit your team.

In each round, teams will send 1-2 people to battle it out against other teams in a fight for team points.


Our team will bring all of the equipment to your preferred venue, conference venue or office.

If you don’t have somewhere in mind we can happily suggest a few options that will be a good fit.  With over 10 years experience, we know some hidden gems that will be perfect.


We aim to play 10-12 rounds with a short break in the middle so people can stretch their legs or refill their drinks.

Ideal as pre or post dinner entertainment, a great conference kick-off or breakout activity.

Each game is short and sharp with no previous skillset or experience required which means anyone and everyone can participate.


Teams sizes of approximately 8 people is ideal but if you’re planning this as part of a conference or dinner we can simply create teams to match your tables.

Our team collate the scores along the way and will announce the winning team at the end which also include our coveted Hidden Door winners trophy.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & Melbourne
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 10-200
Venue: Indoors
Minute to Win It Hidden Door Team Events

A huge thanks for the seamless event last night. We had a great time playing ‘Win It in a Minute’ and would not hesitate using Hidden Door again for our next team bonding session.

– Piccadilly Financial Group –

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