What better way to kick start your next conference or to beat the dreaded day two blues than a refreshing yoga session in the park.

We’ll match you to an experienced yoga teacher who will bring everything along including individual mats.

Catered to all fitness and experience levels the session is aimed at centering participants and creating a calm energy, enhancing breathing and flexibility and reducing stress.

Researchers have discovered that the regular practice of yoga may produce many health benefits, including increased fitness and normalisation of blood pressure. Yoga is a renowned antidote to stress.

Over time, practitioners report lower levels of stress, and increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This is because concentrating on the postures and the breath acts as a form of meditation.

After cooling down, guests can make their way to a healthy picnic breakfast in the park where they’ll have a chance to chat and relax.

This session can be set-up at almost any park, conference venue, beach or even at your office.


Where can we do this?
We can set-up in almost any park, hotel or conference space.  If you need location suggestions we’re happy to help.

Do you provide all of the equipment?
Yes we provide new yoga mats for everyone to use.  Guests simply have to turn up and take part.

What level is the yoga aimed at?
We can tailor it based on your group’s experience but typically we aim it at a beginner level aiming to enhance breathing and reduce stress.

Can we add other components?
Yes for sure.  Our Healthy Start packages are tailored to suit you.  Let us know what type of experience you’d like and we can craft a package for you.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & surrounds
Duration : 1-2 hours
Group Size : 2-60
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


Men having a relaxed time while doing yoga at HIDDEN DOOR
A bucket filled with refreshing drinks after a yoga session by HIDDEN DOOR
Hidden Door Yoga

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