Aboriginal Art

This creative team experience gives guests an introduction to Aboriginal Art through the eyes of renowned artist Sandon Gibbs-O’Neill as he shares the story of his people and culture through his art.


Sandon introduces the group to Burruguu. This is the time in which the Ancestors travelled the universe. Their travels and stories shaped the Earth and created our landscapes.

Once the ancestors had created the Earth they returned to the Warrumbul (Milky Way) where they still live.

This time is often referred to as the ‘Dreaming’ but that doesn’t accurately describe the deep spirituality and integration Aboriginal people had with the natural world.


Before putting paint to canvas, we ask guests to explore their own connections to their upbringing, family, land and spirituality.

Each person then creates their own individual artwork that tells their story.

As an alternative, 4-6 people can work on one larger canvas to create a shared story or artwork that links to the business such as vision, values or growth areas.

Guests learn how to use colour and imagery to tell a story.

We ask guests to continue the theme of storytelling by sharing their artwork and how it communicates what they value the most.

The end result is a collection of individual and/or team artworks that communicate a story and connection; inspired by Aboriginal artworks created by Sandon Gibbs-O’Neill.

The experience is designed to allow people to enhance their ability for storytelling and creating deep connections, while working on artwork that creates one shared vision.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & Surrounds
Duration: 1-3 hours
Group Size: 10-500
Venue: Indoors
Sandon Gibbs ONeill Hidden Door Experiences Team Event
Aboriginal Art Team Event Sydney