Bikes 4 Tykes

The day starts with a clear objective: work together and communicate clearly to build bikes that will bring a smile to a child who needs it.

We split up the group to battle it out in a series of fun challenges where they earn points to earn their position for the bike build finale.

Challenges can be tailored to suit the event type or group but could include Pump Up the Jam, Pedal Power and more.

The final 30 minutes is where the hard work pays off and teams begin to build their bike.

Our bike mechanic will check the bikes to ensure they are safe before the bikes are presented to the selected charity to help put a smile on a child’s face.

An engaging and rewarding team building activity that is suitable people for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Hidden Door were fantastic! Professionals who know events and how to run them. They understood the flow of logistics, how to get people pumped up and involved and how to communicate. Thoroughly enjoyed their event and dealing with them for business.
– PwC

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & surrounds
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-500
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


Lady in costume poting at the guys playing in the bikes 4 tyres activity
Team of men creating a bike of their own at bikes 4 tyres
20170619-bikes kids34

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