Class of 2020

2020 is certainly an unforgettable year.

For too many companies working remotely can leave many staff feeling disconnected from their team and colleagues, and disengaged from their purpose.

Class of 2020 is an interactive experience designed to help re-connect, re-energise and re-engage teams working remotely.


Prior to the day we send a survey to everyone to complete to get a snapshot of who they are, what they like, including asking them to draw a self-portrait and submitting a baby photo.

We then use this info to craft a custom 1 hour interactive team activity with the aim of people connecting and learning more about each other.

If you can’t get everyone onto the same video call, it’s no problem.

We have an offline version that people can complete in their own time.


Each game is centric to your people.

From Baby Face Bingo, Who Am I, Guess Who and more; the focus of each game is based around human connection and engagement.

Class of 2020 helps individuals with self-care and wellbeing to improve mental health inject some happiness into a work environment that can be full of anxiety and stress.


The best part is we collate the individual portraits into a custom-designed tea towel that is sent to everyone, complete with company branding.

A great keepsake to remember your Class of 2020.

Quick Facts

Locations: Australia-wide
Duration: 1 hour
Group Size: 6-300
Venue: Virtual
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