Giveback Backpack

Many at-risk families in our society struggle to meet basic day-to-day needs.

We’ve partnered with local charities to provide essential crisis items for kids and families that can provide immediate support.

In a race-style challenge teams complete challenges to bring out your inner child.

From photo hunts and printing stickers, cracking cryptic puzzles, to making balloon animals and mastering circus-style skills.

Teams then receive a gift card and the profile of a child they are buying for before hitting the street to fill the backpack with goodies to bring a smile to their face.

An amazing charity-based experience that has a direct impact on kids and families.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & Melbourne
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-300
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


Man enjoying the plate balancing activity during giveback backpack
Team wearing their costume for a picture during the giveback backpack activity

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