Grand Prix Challenge

Have you ever wanted to stand on a podium and spray champagne over your adoring fans? Is it a dream to race around the city in a sports car and show your colleagues your inner Ricciardo?

In this epic Grand Prix Race your team is given a sports car and a series of ridiculously fun checkpoint challenges dotted around the city, each one themed to countries on the Grand Prix circuit.

The race’s start and finish point can be adjusted to wherever suits your group, and challenges include Grand Prix locations including Monaco where teams will create a fancy mocktail, completing the tower challenge in Kuala Lumpur, Pizza Flipping in Italy, overcoming eating challenges in Japan and much, much more.

Teams accrue points at each challenge to ensure that everyone keeps within the road rules throughout the adventure.

Teams will be issued with race suit and helmet, and you’ll be racing to the checkered flag at your chosen end point. Will it be you on the podium?

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-100
Venue : Outdoors


Cars lined-up before the grand prix challenge starts
Picture of the pit-lane for the grand prix challenge

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