Horror Show

The following team event is designed to bring superstitions to life and test the group through a serious of physical and mental challenges.

In an event that combines characters and challenges derived from films such as Saw, The Ring, Friday 13th and more, teams embark on a blood-curdling race to locate checkpoints challenges.

After a freaky surprise intro, what follows is a 2-3 hour adventure where teams must complete demands, interact with our actors along the way and locate challenges as they race the clock.

Challenges include, Blood Cocktails, Horror Movie Trivia in a mysterious attic, Mummifying, House of Horrors, Wheel of Misfortune, Silent Thriller, Snake Wrangling and more.

This unique and memorable event is sure to be the talk of the office for weeks to come!

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & surrounds
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-200
Venue : Outdoors


Team palying a game with the game master at the horror show
Bloody woman hodling a snake with the team in the horror show

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