Horror Show

Picture this.

Your team is assembled in your office waiting for their team day to begin when suddenly a courier bursts into the room, bloodied and panicked.  He throws a case on the floor that has a note taped to it that reads ‘play me’.

Your team day has just begun.


We’ve crafted a race-style experience that is sure to challenge your greatest fears.

Horror Show combines challenges derived from films such as Saw, The Ring, Friday 13th and more into a race experience that will have you squirming in fear as your team completes challenges in search of the final location.

After a freaky surprise intro for the group, what follows is a 2-3 hour adventure where teams must complete challenges and interact with our team of horror-themed actors along the way in this immersive race experience.


Each race is tailored to your group and location but you can expect challenges to include Bloody Bingo where teams must play bingo using numbers dipped in blood, or House of Horrors where teams must negotiate multiple tasks inside a scare-house.

Wheel of Misfortune requires teams to spin the wheel and prepare to face (and eat) the consequence of whatever it lands on.

Other fun challenges include our infamous Snake Pit where teams come face to face with a pit of live snakes.


Our team are dressed in costume so we encourage you to do the same.  What better way to get the team excited by setting a costume challenge weeks before the event day.

If you want that extra edge, we can send a team of special effects make-up artists to your office before the event starts to add some head wounds, zombie faces or whatever floats your boat.

Horror Show is a custom experience and can be designed in almost any location.

This unique and memorable event is sure to be the talk of the office for weeks to come.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & surrounds
Duration: 2-3 hours
Group Size: 10-200
Venue: Outdoors
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