Karate Board Breaking

Harness your focus and inner strength to break a piece of wood with a single kick.  This is team building with an edge.

We start with a briefing form the instructor, but not just any instructor. Glenn Coxon holds the current Guinness World Record for breaking the most boards in one minute. He’s about to turn you into a lean, mean fighting machine.

Groups start out learning some self defence essentials including striking and blocks before moving onto kicks. Once the group are ready, we attempt the final challenge – for everyone to break a wooden in board in under 60 seconds.

The feeling of achievement when breaking through the board is often overwhelming.

The experience is structured so that people of all ages and fitness levels can take part.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & surrounds
Duration : 1-2 hours
Group Size : 10-200
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


Team bowing to the instructor during the board breaking activity
Big team holding their broken boards up after the board breakign activity

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