Make Your Own Music Video

Teams begin by each drawing the title of a popular song out of hat.

It could be an 80’s pop classic, a hip-hop track or even something from a boy band. You can choose the songs or we can help suggest a few.

Each group must then brainstorm together to come up with a concept and plan to shoot their own music video complete with props and costumes.

The video clips can be based around conference themes and/or company values, or just do it as a fun conference breakout or energiser.

Each team will work with one of our specialist creative assistants who are performers and musicians in their own right.  They’ll help teams to generate ideas and storyboard before turning on the camera.

Every team has their own camera and must assign roles both on-camera and off-camera to ensure the video each team creates is entirely your own creation.

The end result is often a a hilarious collection of your own music videos that enjoyed later that day at your conference, or back in the office.  Who knows, you might become the next YouTube sensation.

Ideal as a conference breakout or energiser, Music Video is a fun team experience that can be run indoors or outdoors.

The team at Hidden Door were fantastic from start to finish. Haley did a great job at getting everything organised and gave some great song choices! Will was fantastic at getting the group motivated and involving everyone! Would highly recommend!
– Sales ITV


Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney & Melbourne
Duration : 2 hours
Group Size : 10-500
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


Behind the scenes of a team shooting their entry for the make your own music video activity
Green-haired lady lying down with money falling on her ffor the make your own music video activity
Lanier Music Video2

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