Selfie Mania

How creative and strategic can your team be to outwit your opponents in this hilarious photo challenge team adventure?


We’ll arm each team with a selfie stick and a quirky photo list to hit the streets and try and accrue as many points as possible by snapping a team pic at each location.

The objective is to tick off as many of the photo challenges and dares as possible within two hours. Some will be location specific, whilst others will require teams to think outside the box a little.


Teams upload their photos to our private photo sharing app which means teams can comment on each others photos and add friendly banter throughout the challenge.

Can you get a photo with all team members in a phone box?  How about arm wrestling a stranger?  What about drinking coffee from anything but a coffee cup?


The photo list can be as wild or mild as you like. We have hundreds of lists that we can customise to ensure it’s perfect for your group.

Selfie Mania can start and finish in any location that suits you, whether that’s from your office, conference location or a central public park.

What better way to end the race than having everyone meet at a bar or pub to swap ware stories and check each others pics.  You can choose a location or we can suggest some great venues.


Of course, our energetic event hosts will be there to brief and kick off the event, as well score the team pics throughout the race and hand out the trophy to the winning team.

All guests receive a copy of the photos immediately after the race.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels this is guaranteed cost effective fun for your group and ideal for team building, conference breakout, hens and bucks parties and more.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney, Melbourne & surrounds
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 10-500
Venue: Outdoors
Selfie Mania Photo Team Activity Sydney Melbourne
Photo Challenge with Hidden Door Sydney

Our team had a blast doing Selfie Mania together! The competitive and fun spirit of the game was a great way to spend time with each other. Even though you break up into teams, it’s so much fun to get together at the end and share your experiences and photos. I would definitely recommend this event to others as an awesome corporate bonding activity!

– Salesforce –

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