Outwit, outplay and outscore all other teams in a game of Survivor based off challenges made popular by the TV show.

Grab your buffs, form your alliance, avoid tribal council.


We start by splitting the group into tribes where they must first create their own identity – tribe name and flag.

Teams then go head-to-head in a series of fun Survivor-themed challenges to earn team points and avoid elimination from the challenge.

The challenges are designed based around the location but can include anything from giant 3D puzzles, balance and endurance challenges, physical relays and eating challenges.

All of the challenges are designed to engage everyone regardless of fitness or mobility levels.


Look, we’d all love to be doing this somewhere exotic and tropical like Fiji (and if you have the budget, we’ll throw our hand in the air) but Survivor can still be a huge WOW factor without packing your passport.

If you’re up for water based challenges, there are some ideal locations around Manly, Bondi, Bronte and Cronulla, as well as some harbourside spots dotted along both sides of Sydney Harbour.

Water challenges don’t necessarily mean swimming either.

Our infamous Holey Bucket challenge can be done almost anywhere and only requires teams to carry water buckets (albeit with some dodgy holes).

If beaches aren’t your thing, Survivor works well in a park or bushland.

We’ve got a few hidden location gems that will make you think you’re miles away.


Thankfully the hours and hours of relentless reality TV watching means that we’ve curated the very best Survivor challenges and twisted them to create the ultimate selection of activities that everyone can enjoy.

These are some of your classic Survivor challenges.

We’ll learn about your team, what makes them tick, and create a custom Survivor experience that meets your purpose.

It wouldn’t be Survivor without the details including coloured buffs for all tribe members, and a roving cameraman to capture all of the action along the way.

Once you’re dry and back in the office, we’ll send you a fully edited Survivor-style TV episode; complete with all of the action from the day.

Oh did we mention Tribal Council?

Yep, you’ll be going to Tribal Council (but in this format…it’s a good thing).

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney & Surrounds
Duration: 2-3 hours
Group Size: 20-200
Venue: Outdoors
Survivor Clue Mail Hidden Door
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