Team MasterChef


We split the group into small teams and assign them their own cooking station, knives and utensils.

Each person is geared up in apron (that they can take home as a souvenir) and chef hat to complete the look.

Masterchefs create their first dish based on a recipe that our chef details.  This gives us the opportunity to run through tips & techniques whilst preparing a starter and entrée.

As the kitchen timer ticks down to zero, teams must plate up their first dish and present to the judging panel for a score out of 10.

For the second dish, the teams are given a mystery box containing ingredients that they must use to form their main course. But don’t worry, our head chef will watch over the group to ensure that their creations are edible!

Team MasterChef is a fun and challenging team building activity, staff reward and great for a unique Christmas party.

No extra costs included, just great fun!

The Masterchef event through Hidden Door was amazing. the team there assisted and tailored the event to suit all our requirements. an extremely helpful and fun team to work with which made it very easy for us on the day. I would definitely recommend using hidden door experience for your next team bonding event!
– Amicus

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-80
Venue : Indoors (Neutral Bay)


Two women enjoying a cup of juice in team masterchef
Men's team planning their dish for the team masterchef challenge

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