For fans of the hit cooking show, we’ve harnessed some of the best challenges and components into a 2-3 hour team experience.


Based at a purpose-built group kitchen in Neutral Bay, just 10-mins from the CBD, we split the group into small teams who are assigned their own cooking station, knives and utensils.

It’s game on.

Each person is geared up in an apron to keep you splatter free (and to look like a legit chef) and a chef hat to each team captain.

When the timer starts teams begin by prepping their main to get it cooking.  Whatever the cuisine, the recipe is designed to ensure everyone takes part and plays a role.


With the main cooking it’s time to prep the entrée as a mystery box challenge.

Teams receive a key ingredient and must get creative to design, prep and plate their entrée however they like.  But don’t worry, our head chef will watch over the group to ensure that their creations are edible!

It’s then onto prepping the dessert in a fun final challenge.

Each team then presents their dishes to the judging panel who will give each team a score out of 10 for taste, presentation and teamwork.

The winning team takes home the title of the best Masterchefs in the company and bragging rights for the immediate future.

Finally, the best part – sitting down to enjoy your meal together.


Beverage packages are available or you can BYO drinks to the kitchen.

If you’re planning on continuing the party, why not head over to The Oaks Hotel which is directly opposite the kitchen and will happily reserve you a space.

Masterchef is a fun team building activity, staff reward and great option for a unique christmas party.

No extra costs or venue hire fees.  Just come along and have fun.

Quick Facts

Group Size: 10-80
Venue: Indoors (Neutral Bay)
Duration: 2-3 hours
Locations: Sydney
Sydney Team Building Cooking Classes Hidden Door
Sydney Cooking Classes Team Activities

The Masterchef event through Hidden Door was amazing. the team there assisted and tailored the event to suit all our requirements. an extremely helpful and fun team to work with which made it very easy for us on the day. I would definitely recommend using hidden door experience for your next team bonding event!

– Amicus –

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