Virtual Amazing Race

Forget planes and trains and abseiling off skyscrapers, we’ve re-mastered The Amazing Race for companies to complete while working remotely.

And the challenges are ridiculously interactive and engaging.


Teams of 4 work to complete a series of challenges that include taking specific photos, building objects, completing movie and music trivia, lateral thinking challenges and more.

All without leaving your home.

Teamwork is crucial as each team must communicate clearly and share info in order to successfully complete each challenge and earn maximum points. 


Interactive team challenges require each team member to be involved.

We’ve hand-picked our favourite challenges from delivering The Amazing Race for over 10 years and boiled them into 60 minutes of fun as you race around your home to earn points.

Teams earn points based on how well they complete each challenge and will require team communication, problem solving and outlandish creativity.


The Amazing Race is designed to get teams chatting and problem solving in a fun and exciting format.

When the challenges are complete, we’ll send you all of the action photos and video to share across your social channels.

Stay connected, even while you’re apart.

Companies such as Amazon, Fitbit, Google, Oracle and Bayer have recently completed Virtual Amazing Race.

Quick Facts

Locations: Worldwide
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 4-200
Venue: Online
Working From Home Team Building Activities Amazing Race

“We ran two successful virtual events with Hidden Door.  I’d recommend these guys to anyone looking to have a fun, interactive team building session. We will definitely be back.”

– Data Republic 

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