Virtual Barre Fusion

Step away from your desk chair and kick off your WFH slippers and engage in a Virtual Barre Fusion workout with your crew.

Barre is a fitness routine based on dance, with a touch of Pilates and has become a huge fitness trend in recent years.

It’s a full body workout that will have you sweating out your COVID bad habits.

It’s a complete mind and body workout and ideal for a team wellbeing exercise.


Your 45-min class will be hosted by two talented instructors to show you the ropes.

While one instructor hosts the class the other instructor will be available via chat to help improve participants techniques or to address any questions.

Everyone is invited to a video call where the instructors will guide you through the workout and can help you with correct positions.

Don’t want everyone to see you during the class?  No worries, keep your video turned off.


The number of benefits this workout can provide is almost immediate.

You and your team will notice the improvement in their postures, core strengthening, flexibility and glute definition but the benefits are not all physical, you and your team will reap the mental benefits too from stress release to increased mindfulness.

Can’t lift your leg high? Who cares. You’ll still reap the benefits.


Try this as a one-off experience to promote wellness or let us develop a weekly program for your employees that includes weekly challenges and progression tracking to support your team.

A fit and healthy team is a valuable asset.

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults aged 18 to 64 should participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.

Aside from physical health, Virtual Barre Fusion promotes a healthy mind.

Exercise can reduce the effects of mental health issues as our body releases endorphins. This can help reduce stress and anxiety, helping those to feel more positive, energised.

The wellbeing of your team is important, now more than ever during these uncertain times.

No equipment is required.

Best served in a group setting, you’ll tone up, laugh a thousand times, challenge yourself and squat for what feels like 10 minutes, but is probably more like three.

This Barre and Pilates collective know how to turn heads and “pump you up” for some on-trend fitness motivation.

Quick Facts

Locations: Virtual
Duration: 45 mins
Group Size: 4-30
Venue: Online
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barre fusion virtual class australia
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