6 Types of Species In Your Urban Office

In every office there is an instantly recognisable and delicate eco system of personalities that may be lurking at the desk next to you or lounging in the reception.

These people are sharing your life and workspace up to 40 hours per week, and have the power to influence, inspire and scare the living daylights out of you. Read on to discover the animal kingdom existing under your very nose. Please read out loud in your best David Attenborough voice…

The Gossipy Gibbon: These monkeys seem to be under the impression that their entire job description is “talking about other people”. The Gossip spends their days listening in on conversations, dropping hints and tarnishing reputations. No conversation is safe when the Gossip is in earshot.

The Lazy Tortoise: Your office enemy is an expert at working hard to get absolutely nothing done. No matter what it takes, the Lazy Tortoise will make sure someone else is breaking a sweat.

The Complaining Camel: No job is too big or too small for the complainer to whine about. Whether things are so slow that they’re dying of boredom or so busy they’re going insane, you’re sure to hear about it.

The Control Freak Flamingo: Control freaks have absolutely no sense of proportion in the workplace. From the official font of company memos to how the dishwasher should be organized, they’re sure to have an opinion, and they’re sure to demand that you follow it.

The Thieving Tarantula: The thief is more than happy to “forget” to return your stapler or eat your last container of yoghurt out of the office fridge. Whether they’re a not so closet kleptomaniac, or they really just hate you, hopefully they aren’t clever enough to steal your ideas.

The Chatterbox Cat: Talk. Talk. Talk. That’s pretty much all the Chatterbox does. Whether anyone is listening or not, the chatterbox definitely has a lot to say. One of those people who just cant keep their thoughts to themselves, this specimen thinks you care to be informed about every single thing that goes through their head.

Now that we’ve catalogued some of the epic variations of species in our offices and workplaces, why not consider participating in the Urban Safari offered by Hidden Door? The Urban Safari is a fun game of hunter and prey where both groups are free in the CBD to try to outsmart each other, and is the perfect start to any party or conference breakout.