Stand out from the crowd

The Amazing Race

Based on the popular reality TV show, teams battle it out to complete a series of fun and quirky challenges as they race to the final destination.

Cryptic clues, fun challenges and lots of laughs.

City Quest

The ultimate team building event in which you’re front-loaded with a complex array of fun challenges to complete within a 2 hour time limit.

Priority and teamwork essential! The team that accrues the most points is the winner.

Selfie Mania

This belly-full-of-laughs experience sends small teams on a race to capture as much of the outrageous challenges as possible within two hours.

Best of all, teams can banter and follow each other in our race app.

Horror Show

We’ve pulled together blood-curdling challenges and characters from movies such as Saw, Friday 13th and The Ring in this race like no other.

Race to the location. Complete the challenge. Sounds simple right?