Flight Centre


Flight Centre wanted to do something outside of the box, daring and energetic in order to create a unique shared experience for the team.


A Flash mob! What better way is there to do something utterly ridiculous but uber memorable?!

Flash Mobs normally begin with a certain degree of apprehension and nerves. The Flight Centre team, however were rearing and ready to go from the minute they walked into the practice room. This was a very good sign and  set the perfect tone for the following 2 hours…

With the help of 2 professional dance teachers, the group were quick to learn some impressive, cohesive moves and by the time in came to heading out to perform the group were looking like a finely tuned machine.

The performance was executed perfectly, and it certainly drew a curious crowd of camera wielding tourists. To top it off, I heard several strangers singing the song on my trip back to the office!

flash mob flight centre sydney hidden door