Construct an entirely new experience for the 35 person Sydney team that ties in with what they do as a business: buying, selling and negotiating!


Having proposed a selection of four exclusive day experiences, there was one that really met the brief and jumped out….The Haggle.

The big day was split into two distinct halves. Negotiation in the morning and the charity cook off in the afternoon.

We briefed the group in the Sydney’s Royal Botanic gardens on a beautiful Friday morning, The teams shot off in 11 mini coopers to multiple locations around the city to complete wacky food related challenges including Art Knife and Fork, Bike n Blend and Fear Factor. Meanwhile, they were haggling at various food markets for the numerous ingredients needed for the afternoon cook off.

After an al fresco lunch on the harbor, the group headed to Neutral Bay for a charity cook off in partnership with Oz Harvest. The goal? Cook as many meals as possible to donate to local homeless shelters that very evening.

Incredibly 297 meals were produced by the teams, putting a smile on the faces of those who really need the support on one the coldest nights of the year.

Well done to the Gumtree team for having fun and supporting a truly wonderful charity.