Mettler Toledo


Create a fun event harnessed on the idea of sharing resources and it’s importance of individuals and teams doing so.


Having worked with MT previously we had an understanding of the team’s fun culture and up-for-it attitude. We pulled out all of the stops for this one!

Held in tropical surrounds around the Sheraton in Port Douglas, we were able to use the wild environment to steer the experience – SURVIVOR!

The event began with 10 teams each creating their own identity through flags, chants and facepaints. Once they’d erected their flags at base, teams underwent a tricky treasure hunt around the beach and resort to solve a cryptic crossword before moving into a series of high-octane beach games.

After a drinks break the group moved into the second half of the experience; raft building! Further to design, it was essential that teams trade materials during the build itself in order to construct the safest vessel possible.

Then came the racing heats. These really got the group into the spirit of the day, and capped off a successful and highly memorable day for MT!

hidden door port douglas