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As a company rebrand, we were approached to create and deliver an ‘unmissable’ experience in Sydney and Melbourne for all 250 people within the organization. Can you go wrong with a Mariachi Bands, sombreros, moustaches and corona?!



We wanted to surprise and amaze the groups from the very first moment they began their experience with Hidden Door. A cooking event seemed like a universal way to please a large group in one space, but we wanted a lively cuisine that matched the youthful and outgoing team. There could only be one…the Mexican Fiesta!

For us it’s always about starting each and every event with an unforgettable bang, and in this instance it was a 4 piece mariachi band! On arrival at the huge warehouse / pop up fiesta, there was an incredible mobile pantry with a treasure trove of food, piñatas and other Mexican theming emblazoned across the walls.

Each guest received a branded apron, sombrero, moustache and of course, a corona on arrival. Teams were then formed and preceded to compete in an intense and highly creative series of cooking challenges in order to be crowned Masterchefs. The standard of food produced was like nothing we’d ever seen before at such a large cooking event, ensuring the judges had a touch decision deciding a winner.

The group went home with full belly’s, ear-to-ear grins (and moustaches) and a high level engagement with their revised brand. Job done!