Orchard Marketing


Customize a Friday 13th themed event for 65 young media professionals in Sydney that is ambitious, original, fun.


Gathered in their office, a deranged clown stumbled into the unsuspecting group to hand over a video message, before fleeing the scene. Ordered to the rooftop by Jigsaw, the event began.

Kickstarting with bloodbath trivia, the groups then carried out their first (and probably last) ‘Mummy Run’ around a park, before bolting to the Silent Disco challenge to learn and execute Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ dance.

After a Strong Stomach challenge, teams headed to a warehouse attic for the Horror Movie round – lets just say answering trivia with strobe lights and horrific screams blasting out with skeletons in a pitch black room is by no means straightforward.

Finishing with a Fear Factor activity involving a 3 metre python is also not everyone’s idea of fun!

The event embraced a uniqueness and customisation, which was exactly what our returning client wanted. See you next year.

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hidden door horror event team building