Red Bull


Create a kick-ass team event for all 190 staff from Red Bull Australia in theme with a current Red Bull event in celebration of Red Bull’s 20th anniversary.


When it comes to creating engaging and exciting events, there’s no debate that Red Bull are at the top of the tree so we were excited to be creating an event for their team in Sydney.

Based on the Red Bull Billy Cart race, teams of 10 people had to built, decorate and race their own cart in an action-packed derby.

First, teams had to complete challenges to earn Red Bull Dollars that they could use later at the store to purchase paint, decorations and cart enhancements.

Building the carts was tough.  With no instructions and limited tools, each team had to craft their own race beast in under 1 hour before teams got creative on their carts, and also by creating their own intro dance.

Spread across 4 heats, teams raced on a purpose-built cart track complete with safety barriers, road signs, chicanes, hay bales and a 5m ramp.

Our winning team took the trophy home in a champagne podium celebration (along with a few well earned bumps and bruises).

Let’s do that again.

Red Bully Billy Cart Derby Sydney Hidden Door