Talent International


Create conference experiences to bring the company values and purpose to life.


It is clear from the outside looking in that the team at Talent is aligned on values and their purpose.

When you walk into the room at their conference in Melbourne, the vibe is clear that Talent say what they mean, and mean what they say.  They live and breathe their values.

This group of 200 charismatic, and driven people GIVE A DAMN about their purpose, people and impact on the world around them.

We kicked off the conference with an intimate and emotional hands-on charity-based experience with the GM’s within the business.

The goal was to disconnect from distractions, and connect with what matters.

In the afternoon we wanted to challenge guests with how they communicate; to place importance on interpersonal communication.

We developed a large-scale VR experience that involved teams using the headset to navigate through an exercise where they were reliant on the language and tone of the rest of their team.

Day two was a change of pace.

After a decent party the night before, we wanted to kick start (quite literally) with an energiser with a true purpose.

The group learned martial arts techniques, and a powerful story of overcoming cancer, before breaking a wooden board as a commitment to completing their own objective.

The group supported and encouraged each other.  No ego, just love and support for each other.

In the afternoon, the group split into 3 experiences; each with it’s own takeaway based on the purpose.

One group created their own pieces of street art, another group created their own music videos while another group did an Amazing Race around Melbourne that focused on iconic Melbourne experiences and locations.

When asked how they visualised Lead the Way, we found that teams doing street art has the same shared vision.  A lighthouse beaming light across the water; a new path.

Working with a team bound by strong values, based around nurture and reward, allowed us to work outside of the box and create an unforgettable couple of days that connected their people to their values and purpose.

Talent Fest 2019 Amazing Race Melbourne Team 8 Hidden Door