Thorn Group


Deliver a highly experiential two day programme for a group of 12 senior executives in Sydney, which meet the specific needs and objectives of the team in order to enhance their future performance as a cohesive unit.


Working alongside our Learning and Development consultant and Thorn’s soon-to-retire CEO, we strived to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses so that we could tailor our programme accordingly to met the specific needs of the group.

Conferencing at the Coogee Crowne Plaza, we began day 1 with Sea Survival in La Perouse.  This intense and demanding experience tested creative thinking, group decision making skills, teamwork, communication and other key elements of success required when working in complex situations. The event created a fantastic way to set the programme off on the right foot!

The half-day action workshop followed in the afternoon, taking participants through the Team Management Profile and Team Life Cycle to highlight the need for every typology and balance for effective teams.

Day 2 began with our highly acclaimed Hostage event. Incorporating De Bono’s Thinking Hats, the team had four hours to work together to solve a series of challenges and uncover 4 briefcases, which in turn led to their ‘kidnapped’ CEO. The most valuable part of the programme took place in the classroom in the afternoon where the team reflected on the experiences, connecting them back to the workplace to ensure the lessons would actually be embedded in the team.

This amazing programme was intense and really pushed the team in a number of ways. It’s also a very good example of how we tailor all of our programmes to meet the specific objectives of each and every client we partner with.

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