Holeproof Explorer Prize



Create a week-long non-stop surprise adventure for 2 lucky prizewinners for the Holeproof Explorer ‘Ready To Go Anywhere?’ promotion.


We created action packed 8 days of adventure that started with canyoning and a via ferrata in the Blue Mountains before the winners jumped on a plane to head to Rabaul in the islands of Papua New Guinea.

Staying at a beachfront resort with views to a live volcano, this was an adventure like no other.

Over the next week the adventures included diving with sharks, climbing an active volcano, game fishing and attending a traditional ceremony performed by a tribe deep in the mountains.

Massive thanks to Holeproof for sending me on this trip of a lifetime. I would never have had the opportunity to come to PNG and do these awesome things if it wasn’t for Holeproof. Thanks. I’ll definitely be back!
Taylor Mort (prizewinner)

Couple posing by the beach with their scuba gear on
Man interacting with an indegenous tribe and takign a picture with them