Cubbys 4 Kids

Kick off your next conference or team building day with this event where the objective is to build and decorate cubby houses that will be donated to a local charity.

Teams complete a series of challenges where they will earn tools and equipment before navigating their way to the ‘construction site’.

All tools and equipment are supplied during the event so each group can focus on communicating effectively to complete their cubby house.

The final part of the event is certainly the most rewarding as we hand over the keys to the new owners at a local community child centre.

Cubbys 4 Kids is available in all capital cities and most regional areas and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Quick Facts

Locations : All Capital Cities / Most Regional Areas
Duration : 2-3 hours
Group Size : 10-200
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


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