Flash Mob

To kick start a conference or event, or as a unique breakout activity, a group Flash Mob is the ideal way to ignite guests.

We’ll work with you to determine a location and song that suits best, and bring costumes along on the day to add to the experience.

From ‘Thriller’ to ‘Never Gonna Give you Up’ to ‘Eye of the Tiger’…we’ll work out a song that has relevance to your event and a dance routine to match it.

Our lead instructor will guide the group through some simple dance steps and have the entire group working as one in no time.

The entire Flash Mob is captured on film for guests to watch back later.

An amazing large group experience that can be delivered indoors or outdoors at any location around Australia.

Quick Facts

Locations : Anywhere
Duration : Up to 1 hour
Group Size : 10-1000
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors



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