Our Kitchen Rules

Get ready for a fast-paced and energetic team building activity where the objective is to design your own menu, shop for ingredients and create your meals in under 3 hours.

The host begins the event by revealing the cuisine for the day, allocated budget for each group and the big kicker…that a surprise judging panel will be invited to taste each course and vote for the winning team.

Teams are given an allocated time frame to research their recipes before getting them approved by our onsite head chef.  That’s when the clock starts!

The race is then on to get to the supermarket and grab all of the supplies before heading back to the kitchen to prepare their food.

An engaging experience that suits people of all ages and fitness levels.  Choose from one our preferred venues or we’ll bring everything to the venue of your choice.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast
Duration : 2 hours
Group Size : 10-100
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


"Hidden Door were extremely flexible when it came to tailoring our experience to suit our location and objectives. The food and staff were great; the group loved every minute of it!"
- Surf Life Saving Australia

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