Recycled Orchestra

As guests enter the room they’re welcomed by an unsightly presence; bins full of household trash and rubbish.

Our expert musical facilitator then lay down the objective – that in less than 2 hours we’ll turn this pile of rubbish into an orchestra of musical instruments.

Teams start by building their instruments and experimenting with their sounds.

We then allow small teams to compose their own 1-minute rhythm using drums, percussion and other instruments.

The real magic begins when the entire group comes together to start building their own original song, often started with a simple vocal sample.  This can be motivational quotes or samples relating to your key messages.

The song is organically created in less than 20 minutes with our teams of musicians there to conduct and record the performance.

A truly unique conference energizer where you end up with your own original song.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Duration : 1-2 hours
Group Size : 20-300
Venue : Indoors


AIME Recycled Music

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