The Generation Game

This fun, interactive trivia style event brings together trivia rounds from the 60’s through to today combined with interactive team challenges.

All challenges and trivia are designed to encourage teams to collaborate and share ideas.

Can you create a 90’s inspired mini skirt using only garbage bags?  Can you correctly place 7 tech items in order that they were created?  What about recalling 10 iconic movies featuring movie stars before they were famous?

Teams score paints based on how well they perform at each challenge, with the winning team walking away at the end of the night with the coveted Generation Game Cup!

The Generation Game can be tailored to be anywhere from 45min to 2 hours and can be set up at almost any venue, office or bar/restaurant.

Quick Facts

Locations : All Capital Cities / Most Regional Areas
Duration : 1-2 hours
Group Size : 10-300
Venue : Indoors



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