The Pitch

Underestimating the importance of cultural alignment particularly for young graduates is a mistake that is hard to quantify but if communicated in the right way can develop a shared vision for a high performing set of engaged ambitious individuals.

Working with brand agency experts and internal leaders the goal of this exercise is to produce a 1-2 minute TV commercial that provides a strong message for what the business stands for; encompassing mission, values and vision.

The session begins with theory discussion and case studies around the importance of culture and employee engagement.

We then move into what the understanding is of their new company culture and how individual aspirations align with this.

In session two the story boarding phase begins where teams brainstorm ideas and begin to conceptualise how the ad will look and feel through scenes and script. This is the most valuable phase of the day where individuals process the information and discuss ways of interpreting it into a commercial.

With a film crew at hand session three is where teams go out and shoot their TVC followed by a post-production phase in which final details, voiceover and effects are discussed.

Hidden Door then edit over night so that ads are ready for The Pitch where each team introduces their ad and their approach to making it before final playback.

This activity ties in very well with onboarding programmes and even in the group interview phase of graduate recruitment.


Quick Facts

Locations : All Capital Cities / Most Regional Areas
Duration : Half or Full Day
Group Size : 10-200
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


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