Planning & Ideas
for Unique Corporate Events

Are you a business owner or manager who wants to increase productivity by motivating and inspiring your work force? If so, here at Hidden Door we have exactly what it takes to jump start your staff through our comprehensive list of event planning activities and packages from team building to guest speakers.

Through our years of experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm for motivating people, Hidden Door has done corporate events all over Sydney. Our own brand of event planning and team building will leave a lasting impression on your workforce and create memories that will continue to motivate them long after we’re gone.

If you’re in need of morale boosters around your place of business, our professionals at Hidden Door have the ideas to give your employees the incentive to work harder and smarter for you. A great way to team-build is to get out and volunteer together. Just as helping out can make individuals feel good the same goes for your team.

Whether it’s helping to feed the homeless, delivering gifts at a children’s hospital, or giving time at a local animal welfare centre, your staff will be doing something good and doing it together.

Another great idea to increase camaraderie and team problem-solving is to play a room escape game. In these popular room-sized puzzles, your team will have to solve clues, find hidden ‘keys’, and stretch their collective brains to escape the room within the allotted time. A great activity to loosen things up amongst your staff is to go sing karaoke. Nothing helps breaking out of the shell like seeing the boss and fellow employees shamelessly belting out a song. You can also have contests for the best voice. Whatever the culture of your