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Enhance your offsite with an experience paired with your theme

Coming up with conference activities ideas can be a daunting task. With 10 years of experience in the field, let us help you organise fun conference activities for adults. In the past we have worked with all types of organisations, ranging from local businesses to large multinational corporations like Google. With this rich experience in the bag, we can ensure you that we can help with ideas for conference activities, guaranteeing success and creating long lasting memories in the process. We are truly passionate about the latter and will work hard from the ground up to accommodate all of your needs, making sure the conference attendees and everyone else involved receives the maximum benefits.

Let us cater and tailor conference activities for you. Depending on your needs, goals, objectives, and briefs, we will provide you with the ideal solution in the form of fun conference activities for large groups and adults. From dynamic outdoor activities in the Blue Mountains for a small group of 20, to indoor conference activities for large diverse groups of multiple nationalities, we have successfully organised them all. Whether it’s a small or large conference—no matter if you are looking for a short activity that lasts a couple hours, or a series of fun, engaging, and rewarding activities that last the whole day—Hidden Door will passionately deliver an amazing tailored experience. This will be done through detailed planning, at times over the period of a couple months. Hidden Door will do it all, from planning the events to finding and working with the right partners, experts and locations, all to ensure your conference becomes a success.

Some ideas for conference activities that we have successfully brought to life in the past include:

  •      A ‘survivor’ themed activity where members were separated into ‘tribes’ and competed in challenges in order to create an experience focused on the sharing of resources and the breaking down of silos
  •      An amazing race styled competition in the CBD, Manly or Bondi Beach
  •      A flash mob team activity where you show your creativity

Our conference activities can also be tailored to accommodate for and help you meet your CSR goals. In the past we spent months planning the detail of a large ambitious daylong event involving the refurbishment of houses for women living with disabilities. Like all our conference activities, this one ended up being rewarding for everyone involved.

Our custom conference activities can also be built to require teamwork and creativity.  Through the activities we implement, the participants will experience working together in a new setting and scenario, possibly developing communication and team work skills, creating not only long lasting memories but also long lasting impacts. Therefore not only will our conference activities ideas be entertaining, they will also be beneficial to your organisation in other ways. For more examples of our previous work, head to the case studies page.

If you are interested in our conference entertainment ideas, please submit a brief through the form on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us for further questions or to speak with an experienced manager.

Aboriginal Art

Work with renowned Indigenous artists to understand how they communicate the story of their people, and culture through art and storytelling

Guests then create their own artwork that communicates their story and background.

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The Big Picture

Teams create individual artworks without realising that what they are making will piece together to form a giant artwork linked by a common theme or message.

The Big Picture is then revealed to the group.

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Create Your Own Ad

Write and shoot your own company TVC based on values or conference themes in under 2 hours. The result is an amazing collection of professionally edited TVC’s.

The perfect experience to re-engage your team with values.

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Helping Hands

Communicate effectively and work together to build mechanical hands that are packaged and shipped overseas to help landmine victims live a normal life.

This is CSR team building at its best.

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Rooftop Picnic Package

Step into your own exclusive terrace for a garden party complete with picnic rugs, exquisite cakes, fresh lemonade, gourmet lunch, lawn games and entertainment.

A complete party tailored to suit your group.

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Game Show Package – World Square

Engage your team or clients with this entertainment package that includes a 2hr Gameshow experience with a 2-course meal, 3hr beverage package, audio-visual in your own exclusive terrace.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for Gameshow.

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Selfie Mania

This belly-full-of-laughs experience sends small teams on a race to capture as much of the outrageous challenges as possible within two hours.

Best of all, teams can banter and follow each other in our race app.

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Graffiti Art

Design and paint your own piece of amazing graffiti art based on company values, mission statement or conference themes.

Work with renowned Australian street artists to produce amazing artworks you can hang in your office.

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Game Show

This fun, cheesy game show brings together games made up of your favourite TV quiz shows such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, Don’t Forget The Lyrics and more.

The perfect light-hearted entertainment experience.

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The Amazing Race

Based on the popular reality TV show, teams battle it out to complete a series of fun and quirky challenges as they race to the final destination.

Cryptic clues, fun challenges and lots of laughs.

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Wandering Magic

Spark some energy & excitement inside any cocktail party or networking event with our wandering magician who will engage the audience with a series of modern close-up magic tricks.

No wands or bunnies in hats here.

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