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Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Parties & Events

When people remember the last corporate event they went to, a few things might stand out—the good food, the appropriate theme, the effective team-building activities. A good corporate event has all of these things, but if you’re a business owner or manager wanting to make an impact, to make your next corporate event a great and even more memorable one, you need to think bigger. At Hidden Door, Sydney’s premier corporate event planners, we believe the key to making a good corporate event a great one all comes down to the entertainment provided.

Whether it’s a comedian roasting the crowd (and you), a talented magician, or a dead-on Elvis impersonator, it is often a great bit of entertainment that your employees will be talking about days or even weeks after your event ends. At Hidden Door, we fully understand your corporate event needs to be bigger, better, and more memorable than anything ever done before. For this reason we strive to give our clients the most dynamic and unique entertainment experience on earth.

No matter what the culture of your office and staff, we can find the perfect match to enhance your corporate event and create the unforgettable experience that your team deserves and expects from you.

As mentioned before, magicians are quite popular at corporate parties in Sydney. But what about an iPad magician? This is perfect for an office with a tech savvy culture. With an iPad a magician can take illusions and card tricks to the next level. This is digital magic for the digital age.

Another great idea is having a LED dance show. These shows are becoming more and more popular as they are unique and have a big ‘WOW’ factor to them. These dance shows combine different styles of dance into their routine.

If you really want to impress at the next corporate event you’re planning, get an aerial performance team to provide the entertainment. Watch as these high-flying professionals take your event to new heights. These acrobats dazzle and thrill the crowd with their strength, grace, and fluidity of their movements. A bigger venue would be necessary for one of these performances, but even if the cost is slightly greater, you won’t regret it.

When booking the entertainment for your next corporate event, it is of the utmost importance that you, as owner or manager of the company, understand the culture and over-arching common interest of your employees. Thankfully, some of it is common sense. A Harry Potter impersonator might be better appreciated by teenage audiences than by a group of adults, who might prefer something more tailored to their sense of humour or hobbies.

As previously mentioned, the size of a venue can be a big determining factor in deciding what entertainment would be appropriate. With help from Hidden Door, Sydney’s headquarters for corporate events, rest assured, you’ll find the best, most awe-inspiring entertainment to fit your company culture, venue size, and budget.