Large group

Don’t blend into the background

Large Group Activities

The Big Picture

Teams create individual artworks without realising that what they are making will piece together to form a giant artwork linked by a common theme or message.

The Big Picture is then revealed to the group.


dragon boat racing sydney team building

Dragon Boat Racing

Nothing quite screams ‘teamwork’ than paddling a dragon boat across Sydney Harbour in unison with your colleagues as the drum beats to keep the group in time.

Teams can match-race or compete in a time trial to continually improve their performance.


Helping Hands

Communicate effectively and work together to build mechanical hands that are packaged and shipped overseas to help landmine victims live a normal life.

This is CSR team building at its best.


English Garden Party

Fresh lemonade, cakes and picnic rugs, gourmet lunch, croquet and lawn games…all the ingredients for a custom English-style garden party.

A custom reward experience tailored to suit your group.


Family Fun Day

Create the ultimate family day for your company with this custom experience to suit little people and big people alike.

Mouth-watering menus, inflatable games, roving entertainers, magicians & more.