Delve into your creative brain with everything from music production to graffiti.

Creative Team Building & Art Experiences

Whatever your known or unknown artistic flair, our unique experiences have been designed to immerse teams in creative worlds unfamiliar to most, allowing for truly memorable events that have had positive long term effects for our clients.

A further benefit of our creative team experiences is the tangible end product. Whether it’s a team music video or a 3m canvas hanging proudly in the office, it will forever serve as a reminder of your fantastic day out of the office.


The Big Picture

Teams create individual artworks without realising that what they are making will piece together to form a giant artwork linked by a common theme or message.

The Big Picture is then revealed to the group.


Lip Dub Game

Planning and collaboration are keys to success for your team to create a seamless one-take lip dub music video to an iconic song.

No musical talent required to etch your way into rock god status.


Graffiti Art

Design and paint your own piece of amazing graffiti art based on company values, mission statement or conference themes.

Work with renowned Australian street artists to produce amazing artworks you can hang in your office.


Create Your Own Ad

Write and shoot your own company TVC based on values or conference themes in under 2 hours. The result is an amazing collection of professionally edited TVC’s.

The perfect experience to re-engage your team with values.


Make Your Own Music Video

Work your creative magic in this team experience where teams plan and shoot their own music video; either as a fun battle or work together to create one video.

Purely just for fun, or we can thread some outcomes into the experience.


Recycled Orchestra

With a focus on sustainability, teams turn a pile of rubbish and household trash into musical instruments before recording their own original song.

Reduce your footprint on earth and create something beautiful.


Flash Mob

Whether you want to re-create the iconic ‘Thriller’ dance or bop around to Taylor Swift, nothing will energise your group like an impromptu Flash Mob.

Best of all, we capture it all on film to watch back later.