CSR / Charity

Profound and life-changing corporate team building events.

Charity Team Building & CSR Programs

Maximizing value and ROI from your team building experience has never been more important for our clients.

In addition to meeting common objectives around enhanced engagement and communication, we create team building activities that carry an emphasis towards social responsibility through profound and rewarding events.

Bikes 4 Tykes

An engaging and rewarding experience where teams complete challenges and collect bike parts before building kids bikes and donating them to charity.

Can be held indoors or outdoors.


Giveback Backpack

Many families in our society struggle to meet basic day-to-day needs.

In this CSR experience, teams complete challenges to bring out their inner child before shopping for essential items that go to families in need.



Helping Hands

Communicate effectively and work together to build mechanical hands that are packaged and shipped overseas to help landmine victims live a normal life.

This is CSR team building at its best.


The Haggle

Incredible new CSR Charity experience available around Australia in which teams compete complete fun ‘foodie’ challenges and haggle for supplies at markets around the city.

We finish with a giant cook off to produce as many meals as possible to donate to a local homeless shelter thanks to our partnership with Oz Harvest!