Large Group

Create an engaging experience for larger group sizes

Large Group Activities

Choosing a team building event that pleases a large group of people is every event organiser’s biggest challenge. We know this all too well.

If we earned a dollar every time our Experience Managers handled these enquiries, we’d currently be operating Hidden Door from a super yacht somewhere between Fiji and the horizon.

This is why we’ve assembled a selection of tried and tested activities that ignite large groups. Our events are refreshingly unique and work well in engaging a broad mix of staff and personalities, from the grumpiest to bubbliest. Flashmobs, filmmaking, and fright nights are only a few of our events we offer beginning with the letter F.

Whether part of a conference or corporate event, we specialise in creating and customising something memorable that compliments the broader event theme. 

The Big Picture

Teams create individual artworks without realising that what they are making will piece together to form a giant artwork linked by a common theme or message.

The Big Picture is then revealed to the group.


Selfie Mania

Armed with selfie sticks and a challenge list, this belly-full-of-laughs experience sends small teams on a race to capture as much of the outrageous challenges as possible within two hours.

Best of all, we can track all of the hashtags and provide a real-time feed!


Game Show

This fun, cheesy game show brings together games made up of your favourite TV game shows such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, Don’t Forget The Lyrics and more.

The perfect light-hearted, interactive dinner entertainment.


Secret Agent Adventure

Ever fancied yourself as a Secret Agent? Think you’ve got what it takes to be Bond? In this fast paced team activity you have the chance to prove you have the skills to become a sky.

Complete missions, crack valuable intel, race the clock.


Raft Building

Rally the troops and build your own raft in this fun team activity that can be held almost anywhere.  Anywhere with water that is.

Targeted towards effective communication and problem solving



Small teams become paparazzi for the day as they race to capture quirky photos to earn team points

We can even customise the start/finish locations and photo checkpoints to ensure its a perfect team activity for your company.


Flash Mob

Whether you want to re-create the iconic ‘Thriller’ dance or bop around to Taylor Swift, nothing will energise your group like an impromptu Flash Mob.

Best of all, we capture it all on film to watch back later.